Home School

I am just officially starting out with this HomeSchool stuff. I have in a sense always done it, but It has not been official or anything until now. Right now my 1st grader is in Public school, but I have a 5 year old, and a two year old that I am practicing doing HomeSchool with, until my 1st grader starts officially next fall. My 5 year old will probably be going to public Kindergarten, but will homeschool after that. 
Home school to me, doesn't just mean studying textbooks at home. 
It is learning to love to learn. I will be my childrens mentor. I am continuing my education also. I am learning to love to also. I will teach by example. My children will educate themselves by learning what they feel inspired to learn.
I will be using the Thomas Jefferson Education Method, along with a few other sources.

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