Friday, February 1, 2013

This week

we figured out our schedule for home school. We are still not sure about what we are doing with my oldest and her schooling, but I have been doing school with the other kids, so when we do bring her home it wont be a big transition. 
Cleaning? My 7 year old and I cleaned the kitchen together. She is a good little helper when it is us together one on one....until my 4 month old catches her attention and she gets all googly over him. It also helps her when she has her stuffed horse in one hand, it apparently encourages her to have fun. :)

Tues- our plan got pushed behind a little, and we actually did Math this day instead of on "Monday Mathday". We bought a cool work book from Walmart with dry erase pages in it, and magnets. It has little problem solver, and learn your numbers activities. We practiced counting to 15, and even my two year old was catching on. We did this kind of stuff until 11am, and then we did reading time. 
I read 20 pages to the girls from the book "Captains Courage". They sat and listened for quite a while and then  when they got restless, I stopped and then encouraged them to pick a book and read it to themselves quietly while I made lunch.
It was pretty cute watching my two year old lay sideways on our rocking chair to "read" herself a book. She loves books, and I am excited to encourage that in her.

For our chore that evening- My 5 year old and I went and folded a giant pile of laundry together. Even though I wish she would have folded them on her own, I still enjoyed my one on one time with her, while she threw articles of clothing at me to fold. :) Then we put it all way.

We talked about science. 
I asked my 5 year old what she would like to learn about. First it was Squares. 
So we talked about who made squares. Jesus of course!
Then we looked around the room and found all the squares. We concluded that our whole house is made of them, and the biggest one is our ceiling followed by our walls. Kind of creepy actually. Squares can be intimidating when thought about that way. :)
She then wanted to talk about circles, and triangles, but I encouraged her to think about how things are made instead. So she wanted to talk about clouds. 
We talked about who made clouds. How they form, and how rain and snow are formed. They had no idea fog is a cloud just on earth, and can't wait to see fog again.
We didn't quite get our chore done this day, woops!

Thursday- I bought a VReader by Vtech, and they have been spending a lot of time on it, learning to write letters and words and listening to stories, so that has kind of been our learning for the last couple of days. 
For our chore we deep cleaned the girls bedroom. It was bad, and Dad said if they didn't have it all cleaned up, that they would lose all privilages for a week. 
My 7 year old is pretty good at cleaning her room, but needs a little help in the finishing touches, and there was a lot of garbage and clothes due to me not providing organization, so I helped them out. 
I like to make sure they know its their responsibility to clean their room, but I will "help" them if they are overwhelmed. 
I hope someday they can get good at just keeping up on it without me. Is there any hope?

Today, we didn't get much schooling done, but the girls spent some much needed time outside. It has been so cold lately it has not been much fun to be outside, but today the weather was beautiful!
The oldest girls snuck a blanket, and some snacks out to our side walk and had a picnic together. I can't wait for spring!

Well I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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