Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Not just a House Wife

I am not just a housewife. Although that is ultimately what I want to be. The definition of House Wife is not a single description. I realize that any house wife has her own talents and responsibilities, and anything posted on here, is about what a House Wife is for me. Here is my personal definition of me. 

House Wife Julia :
  • A daughter of Heavenly Father, striving for wholeness and eternal celestial glory with her family
  • Companion and Help mate to a working and loving husband
  • A mother to 4 beautiful children 
  • A mother to a Dog and a Cat
  • A mother to House Work
  • A mother to a Family Budget
  • A Mentor to Educators (myself and my own precious little students)
  • A Home Improvement  apprentice
  • A nurturer
  • A healer
  • The product of angels care and protection
  • A good listener
  • A dreamer
  • Someone who strives to be content and positive in all things
  • A mother to a family that takes care of their bodies
  • A photographer of children
  • An artist
These are all things I do on a daily basis. I love to improve in these areas daily too. I am not perfect, but that is why I am here! To learn how to perfect myself in these areas. 

I need all the support and love and friends that I can get to help me through it all. 

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