Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Teach by Example

I have recently learned that if I want my kids to do something, I need to do it first. How can they possibly know to do it, if someone hasn't shown them how to first. They are little and they were born with a love for life and learning. It is my job to help develop that love, by nurturing, loving and showing them by example that it is worth it.
So I have decided that my chores should be done with them helping me. Yes it is easier to get them done when I can just do them by myself, but I am responsible for them learning how to do things too, and I do not want them to reach adulthood, move out, and not know how to keep a clean home, or be proactive about responsibilities.
For Home School, I think chores are more important than textbook material. You can't keep a clean home if you only know how to read and write, and you can't feed yourself off of 2x2 on a paper. Actually putting forth the hands on work is where you will get results. Life skills will keep you fed and sheltered.

So in beginning our Official Home School process, and to go a long with the TJED method, my children until they are 8 will be in the first core phase of playing, working, and learning to love to learn and work.

I used to think I could expect them to pick up the habits of chores by telling them what to do, and then expecting them to do it. This rather creates insufficiency.
My 7 and 5 year old beg me to help them with their chores, and I use to think, "you are old enough to do it by yourself!"
Whining would begin, time outs were given, and things did not get done with happy hearts.

When my 2 1/2 year old started to follow me around while doing chores and would say to me "I help you", that is when I realized, until they have been lovingly taught and encouraged to do chores, they will not know the "Joy of work". I love letting my 2 year old help me. I wish I had been more patient when my oldest kids were younger. Its not to late to start now though.

We all sat down and made a schedule for chores. We all have our morning chores to attend to first thing. There are no privilages given until these morning chores are done. Then we have breakfast and then do 2 hours of learning fun things, lunch, downtime, and then a deep cleaning chore for the day.

I will be doing the deep cleaning chore for the day, but one of my children are assigned each day to "help" me. This is my chore, so I make sure I am efficient with it. The child helping me, is an apprentice. They are learning, so efficiency isn't expected yet. Not having this expectation, makes it easier for me to patient and loving with them. Having more patience and loves makes it easier for us to enjoy our time together, and that is where the Joy of work is found. The Joy of work, comes when we do something because we know it is worth it. The end result makes us feel good, and it creates peaceful space for us to dwell in later.

I am excited to keep you updated daily on how our Home Schooling and Joy of work process unfolds.

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